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Optimization of Protein Crystallization for
European Structural Genomics

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The objective of OptiCryst's research platform is the development, implementation and exploitation of new technologies to overcome the bottleneck of protein crystal optimization. This will be achieved by integrating complementary techniques in a concerted effort .

OptiCryst @ CORDIS "Success stories and results"

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We can assist you to optimize your crystals!

EC contract no. LSH-2005-037793 / EC contribution: 2.268.531 €. Project duration: 45 months / Start: Dec 01, 2006 / 7 small-to-medium enterprises & 4 academic institutions: Aston University; Imperial College London; Douglas Instruments Ltd; University of Hamburg; Molecular Dimensions Ltd; Triana Science & Technology; University of Lübeck; Farfield Scientific Ltd.; Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas; Gothia Yeast Solutions AB